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Northland Storm Chaser

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Hi, my name is Alex Sahlberg. I've been documenting Severe Weather Video here from the Duluth area for the last 7 years as a freelance severe weather photojournalist / videographer. Many "pro's" out there tell me I can't make it in this field, I think they just don't want me to, so guess what, screw you, cause i'm already making good money. Though I do occasioanly lend KBJR News 6 my footage for TV use, My goal isn't to work for "them" (TV Stations) like the others out there, it's to work for myself, producing and selling documentries, cause really these days, working for the weather channel is kinda embarrising if you ask me. Here you will find my latest RealWx and storm chasing video, but not for long. This site will be changed to by April.

Alex Sahlberg's Videos

March 13 2005. Ice Formations

March 6 2005. Strong winds wip up some heavy wave action

*NEW* Winter DVD comming soon.

February 13 2005, waves crash into Lake Superiors' shore ice

January 21 2005 strong alberta clipper


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