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Northland Storm Chaser

The Twin Ports first and only severe weather video!

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In stores across the Duluth area is 'Extreme Northland' the Twin Ports first severe weather video of all the worst storms to hit the area since 1998. Includes the devistating ice storm of 2001, the most destructive waves ever seen in 25 years (Nov 27 2001), 2 inch hail, 80mph winds, amazing cloud features, lightning and of course severe winter storms. Avaliable mainly on DVD.

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Here's a review from storm chaser Bill Doms.
Just got done watching Alex Sahlberg's "Severe Atmosphere" for the 1998-2003 years and his 2004 VCD. Alex has what is likely the complete video library of every severe storm to hit the Duluth/Superior area for the 6 year period. What I really like about Alex's 98-03 video is it is not a chase video. It is a weather video. Yes, it has awesome lightning, 2" hail, monster shelf clouds, 65 mph winds, etc….but it also has giant November Lake Superior waves big enough to clear the walls at Canal Park, enormous ships getting stuck in the channel, the changing of the seasons, and yes, a somber reminder the big lake can be deadly. The editing will keep you watching and wondering what is behind the next transition. At the end I was wishing there was more!

Good thing the 2004 VCD was there. Alex once again shows his natural editing talent by putting together an entertaining vid mixing weather with other events which culminates with one of my favorite time lapses of the year…the 9-23-04 wind event shelf. This beast comes rolling across the Duluth harbor right into your face. This time lapse alone makes the vid worth the time! If you have seen the stunning sites of the Duluth area on the perfect days, check it out when things go wrong…really wrong.

Oh yeah, all of this video was shot within 3 miles of his house! Get this vid and ask yourself if you have had this much action in
your own backyard!

Here is the link to his site with more info:

Bill D